Tuesday, January 25, 2005


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Here is a still from my documentary that I shot at the beginning of this month at The (shabby) Queens Hotel in Blackpool at Europe's largest Elvis Impersonator Competition. Here are two Elvii chatting - Paul Richie on the right (could he be a secret relation of Shane?!) came third in the Pro Final. He got a gold belt and £400 in cash. He seemed very pleased to receive his prizes and his wife looked proud.

raindrops keep falling on my head

raindrops birthday
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Well, this was the view at lunchtime out of our back window on officially the most depressing day of the year - my birthday!

I have to admit - the weather was quite depressing. Depressing enough to make me go and get acrylic tips put on the end of my nails. Jesus - what ever for? Must have been the depression that made me do it. What a pullaver - don't think I'll do it again. Other than that - my day was quite fun and ended quite nicely by other half presenting me with an exquisitely wrapped ipod of the 40gb variety. Very exciting. I'm now going to waste my whole day when I should be working from home by faffing about with it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Feeling depressed? I am now......

Well, as if post-Christmas and New Year blues isn't enough to be getting on with - I have just found out that my birthday Jan 24th is officially THE most depressing day of the year. Apparently it is all true and can be substantiated by some sort of mathematical formula. I was feeling a little depressed lately about this next birthday being the last one of my 30's and consoling myself by cheerfully thinking about what I should arrange for my 40th. Obviously a change of plan is in order or maybe it won't just be me depressed on my birthday but my guests as well? Sod it, I guess I'll be staying in then feeling depressed like everyone else on that day. Yours slightly uncheerful but with hope, Rockmother.

Follow the link for the news item - what a load of b*llocks!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Flickr not so favourite......

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And this is the LEAST viewed picture. Yes, well hardly surprising really although strangely I quite like it for it's banality. That's what I like about flickr - you can just send out your 'snaps' into the ether to be viewed by absolutely anyone, anywhere, anytime. Cool. Coming shortly a choice selection of photo's from my recent trip to Blackpool to shoot footage for my documentary about the largest Elvis Impersonator Competition in Europe - in Blackpool. It all felt very normal at the time but looking back at the interviews and footage I have got - possibly quite weird to people who aren't particularly into Elvis. It was all a bit like a living Martin Parr installation - or how I would imagine it to be anyway.

flickr favourite

bucharest coffee table
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I am intrigued as to why this picture has had the most views on my flickr photostream. It is just a picture of the coffee table in our hotel room in Bucharest - taken last summer. maybe it allows you to be quite nosey - not that I think there is anything particularly interesting about the contents of the table top - empty wine glasses (they like a drink or two), a wadge of cash (they like to spend it), guide (they are mildly interested in exploring), mobile phones, tv remote, ashtray et al - NOT very exciting but maybe interesting to others around the world......

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Bad Mood

I'm in a bad mood. Got too much to do in too little time and it's all my own fault. Plus, superstitious that I am I have to take the effing Christmas tree down before we all turn into pumpkins before midnight. Actually, I'd quite like to turn into a pumpkin - at least I wouldn't have to do so much except be made into soup or posh ravioli. As you can no doubt guess I am glad the holiday is over - too much loud telly, shouting guests and children (mine and visitors) and too much me shouting 'stop slamming doors!!!' to all and sundry.

Am off to Blackpool at 05:45 tomorrow morning - lovely - to start shooting a pilot for a feature about 4 international Elvis impersonators and how they fare in the largest Elvis Contest in Europe to be held this weekend. I'll upload choice pics of our jaunt next week. Am apparently going to meet Elvis's 'hairdresser'. What can he possibly do? The King has been dead since his 'terminal event on the commode' in 1977. Weirdo Americans - can't wait.

Meanwhile, I am dashing around grumpily..................laters.