Thursday, June 30, 2005

pink floyd shirt man

pink floyd shirt man
Originally uploaded by rockmother.
Well, each to their own but I couldn't resist a shot of this man on the left - the one wearing a complete copy of the Pink Floyd album cover Dark Side of The Moon on his shirt. I am ashamed to say we smirked quite alot which was really quite pathetic as we have a combined age of 84 between us (I am the younger and evidently more childish one!!). Any die hard fans - you get them from here and they are £33.99 incl. vat!!


Blogger Paulie said...

The only decent Pink Floyd t-shirt I ever saw was worn by John Lydon (nee Rotten). It had the words "I hate" scrawled above the band's name in felt tip pen.

Reforming Floyd was the only bad thing about Live8 (apart from nearly all of the other bands). The Fall should have been asked to headline in my view....

It was in a good cause though, I suppose....

8:11 pm  
Blogger rockmother said...

Thank goodness it is ok not to like Pink Floyd or The Flawed as we refer to them in this house. My neighbour is still a bit pissed off with me and looked really shocked when I told her last week that I thought Pink Floyd were dreadful and especially couldn't stand the album Dark Side Of The Moon. (I also told her I didn't like Mozart either and thought Prokofiev was better - ok, maybe I wanted to see her jaw drop even more!). If I had to play one PF song it would be the one about being comfortably numb, having a fever as a child - sadly I wouldn't know the title of that in a pop quiz! I suppose that track is bearable but none of the other stuff I've made countless of efforts over the years in a conscious bid to understand why it is so popular. I don't deny that Walters et al are clever and accomplished musicians - I just don't like what they do. Yes - it would have been fabulous to see Mark E Smith up there twitching and slurring 'it was the fault of the govern-ment'!

10:07 pm  
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