Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy Times Before CCTV



Blogger Annie said...

hurrah for the Double Deckers!
(and Brinsley Ford out of Aswad)

10:04 am  
Blogger Arabella said...

'Course I didn't pay attention to the credits when I was a kid, so I was unaware that Melvyn Hayes wrote the theme song AND was 'dialogue director'. Until today!

12:43 pm  
Blogger Betty said...

Bah for the Double Deckers! They were a load of workshy anarchists - why weren't they at school? Why did Melvyn Hayes have to spend so much time hanging around with a bunch of chilren? Very dodgy, that.

Brains of course grew up to be Bill Gates. I don't know what happened to Tiger.

1:04 pm  
Blogger Istvanski said...

The sight of Captain Peacock gettin' awn dahn is truly a wonderous thing.

6:07 pm  
Blogger rockmother said...

Annie - yes - hurrayyyy for the Double Deckers. It's one of my favourite theme tunes (and kid's prog's).

Arabella - I know...I saw that credit! Hidden talents. From the Doubledeckers to It Ain't Half Hot Mum! Quality.

Betty - I loved Tiger! I wanted to be her.

Ister - I know - it's fab!

10:40 pm  
Blogger Howesy said...

Blimey,did THAT really keep us happy as kids?
No wonder I've got all these p-p-p-p-p-problems to deal with...

10:18 am  
Anonymous Mike said...

Or perhaps a wireless video surveillance was used.

8:31 am  

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