Friday, June 23, 2006


Cor blimey - had my first dogging experience today. No don't worry - I wasn't participating I was parking and minding my own business actually. It was quite exciting. A young couple only four cars in from the entrance to Richmond Station NCP were snogging in the most ridiculous way. Like a comedy spoof literally chewing each others faces off really frantically while both doors to the car were open and unbelievably loud techno music blaring out for all to hear. A few young families went by pushing the buggy that much faster. Me, of course, I slowed down a little bit in order to have a good look. Parked the car and walked back out to the entrance past the car. Damn I thought, they must have gone as I couldn't hear any music but there sure was some being made I can tell you! The doors were still open as if the car had been abandoned and then I saw a pair of knees pointing towards the dash and a guy with his trousers around his ankles 'making the beast with two backs' as it were. Hilarious. And then I really did laugh out loud when I saw the sticker on the back window which said 'Best Mum In The World On Board'. Yeah probably in about 9 months time the rate they were going. Later when I returned, the car was still there but sadly the doors were locked. I guess they went shopping.


Blogger Istvanski said...

Careful Rockmother, this is likely to lead you to more depraved outings, specially as you've admitted to getting excited at what you've seen.

I suggest you delete this post before the pervs start closing in on you.

Failing that, I've heard of a dogging site in Ham that may appeal to you...

4:00 pm  
Blogger rockmother said... thanks! I think my one and only experience of dogging was enough! Woof woof.

2:31 pm  
Blogger Robert A. Swipe said...

Well, I suppose Stan Collymore's got to keep himself occupied somehow since Channel 5 lost out on the World Cup coverage....

"probably in about 9 months time..."

Excellent Ro-mo!

(retires to his collection of fek-blood spattered goth girls in aspic, realising that he is merely proving istvanski's prescience.....

2:47 pm  

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