Monday, September 25, 2006

Waiting Waiting Waiting

I'm lost in the Switchpod queue - I've been waiting so long I've actually gone back in time. Hopefully the bus will be along soon so you can hear my Live Exclusive on my new pod. No one hold their breath please - you might suffocate!

Ta for now my little pod-shelling clamsters. xx


Blogger JDA said...

blimey RoMo, the singing must be bad if swatpot are refusing it? "he he he"

5:21 pm  
Blogger Jag said...

Looking forward to it! Out and about next few days so might not get to listen until later this week. Sure it will be worth waiting for ;-)

8:37 pm  
Blogger Pod said...

Hello Rockmother! Thanks for your visit to the funny little world of Pod. Unfortunately Le Chat finished off all the biscuits, feel free to take that up with her! Piggy! I just posted something for Molly on my page, but it has yet to appear damn it!

I really laffed at the photo. i went back in time (well my clothes went out of fashion)on a bus (kymes coaches)to vist a friend in hospital. it stopped at all the fenland villages you could ever stop at! most of the other passengers were but skeletons when i got off!

thanks for dropping by. See you again i hope...bye for now

6:55 am  
Anonymous Wave to the nice lady said...

S'weird, I don't remember Doris Day being in On the Buses. Rock Hudson ain't lookin' too good either!

7:21 pm  

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