Friday, January 12, 2007

Can Everyone Stop

talking about taramasolata and mouldy hoummous. I know I started it but I'm feeling much better thank you but am at risk of vomming all over again after all those vividly descriptive comments.

Thank you very much for all your concerns and descriptions. I am actually that much better I am having a glass of red wine (there's a surprise!) in training for tomorrow's little gathering.

So if anyone gets there before me mine's a large glass of quality French/Spanish or Chilean red - no Aussie or revolting US tanninjuice please!

Merci beaucoup. x


Blogger the whales said...

I'll try to make it to The Dove today, Romo - thanks for letting me know!

9:59 am  
Blogger dh said...

I'll be there in spirit rm. You'll just have to imagine me...the quiet old geyser in the corner.

7:25 pm  
Blogger rockmother said...

Geyser? Like what they have in Iceland? Are you dyslexsic? I think I am - I can't even spell the word!

I had quite a few and have no idea how I even got home but I did.

9:26 pm  
Blogger JDA said...

Hope you're recovering ok from yesterdays alcohol fest..and that you're not performing what this posts picture is demonstrating?

6:23 am  
Blogger rockmother said...

No - a bit of a headache despite the fact I had lots of water and some supper when I got home. All too late for that I guess what with the adrenalin and alcohol already coursing around my system for most of the afternoon.

9:37 am  
Blogger Annie said...

Lovely to meet you too RoMo - shh don't tell anyone but was a tiny bit tipsy when I left too. Here's to more blogmeets. (I think we should get on the case with the Bloggers magical mystery tour...)

3:10 pm  
Blogger dh said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:15 pm  
Blogger dh said...

Geezer then. Grumpy old variety. I strongly disapprove of drunken orgies normally, especially in public places, but that doesn't mean I don't like reading illustrated accounts of them from a safe distance.

4:32 pm  
Blogger Billy said...

Yay to more blogmeets! Thanks for coming along, it was lots of fun.

6:37 pm  
Blogger the whales said...

Good to meet you Romo!

8:30 pm  
Blogger mad muthas said...

wow! interesting diagram. are tummies really so high up? i though they were more down there.

12:00 am  
Blogger JDA said...

Morning RoMo...time to get up and greet the REAL world?

5:03 am  
Blogger rockmother said...

Billy - hurray! I found it all a bit nerve-wracking at first but seeing as I was one of the last to leave..

The Whales - yes - you too!

Mad Muthas - they can't be too far down otherwise it would be really hard to be sick. Anyway - let's not go there.

Jif - yes morning - very much in the real world thank you!

7:16 am  
Blogger llewtrah said...

It was good to meet you RoMo :) Billy was a wee bit squiffy when we left and only slightly sobered up by the walk home. Neither of us got icky, but we needed a nice long nap to recover and a long walk and a bottle of Cotes de Rhone on Sunday.

8:22 am  
Blogger realdoc said...

Just discovered I missed you by 5 minutes...gutted.

11:56 am  
Blogger llewtrah said...

I am just eating some yummers "fresh feta hummous" from sainsbury :)

3:47 pm  
Blogger Lucienne Powell said...

Hey you,

So Ive finally realised / learnt how to do this, link to you and make a comment!! I can get half way round the world alone as its just like Pming a promo but computers and options...forget it!! Ah im so happy i can say hi and thanks so very much for your sweet comments...even if you did erase the last one, prey tell!!

Anyway, glad you're feeling better and hope the wine helped!!

Loads a love

Lucienne x

5:00 pm  
Blogger JDA said...

Morning RoMo....rise & shine.

7:27 am  
Blogger rockmother said...

Morning Jif - have risen and am shining already thank you!

7:37 am  
Blogger rockmother said...

Realdoc - I know I time for sure!

Llewtrah - lovely to meet you too. Hold the hoummous!

Lucienne - hurray - so glad all is going well. Take care xxx
PS: I only erased the previous one because I spelt it all higgledy piggledy as I was typing too fast.

12:36 pm  
Blogger dh said...

I see these social gatherings becoming a regular feature. Hope it doesn't interfere with the podcasts. Idea!! How about group podcasts!!!

3:36 pm  
Blogger llewtrah said...

(wipes last of hummous from mouth)

I shall bring home-made hummous if we do a summer bloggers' picnic. I do a rather nice Tabasco-flavoured hummous. It's yummers, even if I say so myself. My lemon and coriander hummous isn't bad either.

10:02 pm  
Blogger rockmother said...

Dickley - I had an idea of doing a group one from the 'blogmeet' (hate that nausea-inducing word) but thought it might be too geeky

Llewtrah - argh! you are tormenting me - no more talk of vomit-inducing condiments for a while!!

10:43 pm  

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