Sunday, December 02, 2007

What's On the Menu?




*but we might have to give them back

Watch the best music show ever here



Blogger Annie said...

You've never seen a man look as happy as David Cameron does these days.

I love the clips. Have changed my mind about being Dolly Parton and now will go to blogmeet dressed as Mad Meg out of White Stripes. Now, where can I get a pair of red drainpipes?

1:42 pm  
Anonymous rivergirlie said...

he looks a right dogs dinner.

you can't imagine how you've increased my cred this morning with your lovely clips!

1:48 pm  
Anonymous rivergirlie said...

annie - you can get a pair of red drainpipes from h&m boys dept - but you will look like this:

1:49 pm  
Blogger Geoff said...

We watched the show. White Stripes were excellent.

It's a much better format for tv than live shows with a noisy audience - it's more intimate, like you're eavesdropping on a rehearsal. There are a few artists we haven't heard coming up so that should be interesting.

Good stuff, Romo.

2:08 pm  
Blogger Istvanski said...

Blimey! He looks more miserable than Harry Redknapp.

2:19 pm  
Blogger sean said...

yes, I'd like to watch it all, as it's hard to get a good impression with the short clip.
I had an ADHD attack watchin' Jack White. I suppose if I was from Detroit I'd be nervous too, lookin' out for the repo man.
Architecture in Helsinki caught my attention, not for obvious reasons, but something struck a chord in my old soul for the brief few seconds.
Cool. Good luck man.

2:56 pm  
Blogger rockmother said...

Annie - ha - funnily enough we are trying to get Dolly for the next series.

Poor Meg. She is clearly still in love with Jack.

Rivergirlie - re: cred - oh good - we aim to please

Geoff - wow! Someone watched - thank you - hurray! Re: the style - yes - that's what we thought when we invented it. We don't let the bands rehearse - we jsut decide about 3 mins before what they are going to play and then go for it. If they stop half way through then we just carry on filming, never stop. It makes for fresh viewing.

Ister - yes - but can you blame him? Or Harry R for that matter. Pair of dodgepots!

Seanpadster - cheers me doook

3:10 pm  
Blogger Betty said...

I said something during the show about it reminding me of the Rolling Stones' Rock 'n' Roll Circus (just the way it looked ... oh well, never mind).

Refreshing to see music on television that doesn't involve Jools Holland appearing stage left to play some boogie woogie piano. A case in point: on Friday night he introduced one act "the greatest banjo player I've ever seen". Then, when the poor bloke started playing, he was drowned out by Jools and his bloody piano.

Should make for interesting viewing in the next few weeks.

4:18 pm  
Blogger dh said...

Well done rockmum is all I can say.

12:19 am  
Blogger Alda said...

Hey there. Just wanted to say hi. Don't have much time so haven't watched your music show, hopefully later. I'm sure it's excellent, though. :=)

10:22 pm  
Blogger glenda said...

I think the idea of the television programme is a good one - there has not been a good pop music programme on television since "Chegger's Plays Pop". However, I think it would be grately improved by putting on exciting new act's such as Paul Potts, who won "Britain Has Talents" and who is the best singer I have seen for twenty years.

Gordon Browne has made Britain go to the dogs. I'm glad I moved to America.

12:52 pm  
Blogger llewtrah said...

There's one for Munterspace!

12:40 pm  
Blogger Arabella said...

I had a pic of a younger and more matinee idol Gordon on my desk at work in London years ago. I was teased mercilessly because everyone said he was gay.
Looking forward to your programme!

3:25 pm  
Blogger Howesy said...

Urgggh! What's that on his right cheek? Is his mask peeling off?

4:04 am  

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