Monday, September 25, 2006

Hurray! It's Finally Up! Oo-er!

Go on - have a go - it's The Romo For Real no 8 - in full, gay abandon just for you and you and you and you and you..........................


Blogger JDA said...

ta for the "friends" inclusion, will listen later, bit busy at the moment....MOT concerns!! f***ing Ministry of f***ing transport...

12:46 pm  
Blogger realdoc said...

Enjoyed the podcast, not sure about Dr. Hook though.

2:42 pm  
Blogger JDA said...

yeah me as well? other than that it was good (without the dancing?) but RoMo, you can always come round to ruxley studio (that's mine) and put a few tracks down?? stardom awaits...

3:11 pm  
Blogger rockmother said...

Realdoc - well, consider yourself lucky - it was going to be Bonnie Tyler! I'll make amends next time I promise.

Jifdump - oh dear - well I did warn everyone that it was a song that not many people would like but somehow know most of the words to. Re: Ruxley - don't tempt me - I'm going to try a jazz/blues number next as I think I'm more suited to that. I did Torn Jeans as a joke really - it's amazing what you can come up with on the fly. I think my neighbours were wondering what was going on as I realised I was singing quite loud at the kitchen table which backs straight onto their wall. Oh well.

3:47 pm  
Blogger dh said...

Very nice rm. That Dr.Hook always gets me going. Got all tangled up in the Zimmer Frame. Dick.

5:10 pm  
Blogger dh said...

Very nice rm. That Dr.Hook always gets me going. Got all tangled up in the Zimmer Frame. Dick.

5:11 pm  
Blogger dh said...

OK Headley we heard you the first time.

5:13 pm  
Blogger rockmother said...

Dickley - CK what pardon? Switch it on dear! Glad the Zimmer had some fun.

5:42 pm  
Blogger dh said...

What? Oh, switch it on! OK that's better. Lovely music, very eclectic, hope you keep doing it. Sorry about your jeans but that's the fashion they tell me.

6:35 pm  
Blogger Istvanski said...

I loved the 'Torn Jeans' song - much better than The Flying Lizards.
I reckon Jif was dancing round Ruxley until he got a nose bleed.
Carry on with the poohcasts, RoMo...they've all been top-drawer.

4:49 am  
Blogger JDA said...

send away...

10:17 am  
Blogger Simon Hilton said...

wonderful wonderful! please keep the podcasts coming, rockmother! You've inspired me so much im going to do a couple myself. Stay tuned! More New-Wave Jazz-Fusion Oddyssey please!

11:20 pm  
Blogger Jag said...

Ditto what Simon just said. And thanks for the mention - most flattering. The following track was good choice; very "street". Yes, it is very much like my bus journey home. Very tonky.

As for my own musical taste, well, (scratches head) - well, let's just say, I've done it all, I've broken every code ...

I will definitely be trying this poohcast stuff soon though, thanks to you!

Regards - Jag@Route79

2:33 pm  
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