Friday, January 25, 2008

Psychic Shock in Munterspace

Somehow I have been found via the powers of munterspace by a friend I lost touch with about 7 years ago and knew for about 6 years before that. The weird thing is - I don't publicise my real name on munterspace and my avatar (as some of you know) is this:

The even weirder thing is that he has really been on my mind over the last few days. I am a psychic witchmother.

Rather more embarrassingly - this is his message - I really couldn't tell you what he is talking really....for those who aren't conversant in the Czech language - 'foy' means uugghhhhh! in Czech.

I have found you my little friend. Where are you living? XXX and I are in Clapham - we got into property developing for a while but now we have stopped and I am doing a masters in linguistics. I see that a small person came out of your tummy - how weird. Are you grown up now or do you still pee in people's gardens and say "FOY" ? Please get in touch coz I miss you. My number is XXXXXXX Lots of love XXXXXX

Blimey. The tinternet is a powerful thing.



Blogger Annie said...

He recognised your boobs?

Aw, sweet! Are you Czech? I never knew...

9:55 am  
Blogger sean said...

How intriguing, or is it, only you can tell us the finer details.
Powerfully Peter Kayish; you could say funny;-) ;-)
Definitely more than meets the eye here.
He recognised your ..... Annie, really;-)

10:41 am  
Blogger rockmother said...

Annie - Good grief - I think not Annie!He is gay so I doubt he recognised my boobs! Somehow my real name must be linked to rockmother OR - he just happened to be 'browsing' and some people have commented using my real name and he put two and two together....And no, not Czech - my ex-boyfriend Satan used to teach there and I've shot there a lot so speak a smattering. Ahoy...dobriden x

Sean - intriguing yes Seanster. That happens to me a lot though - thinking of people or they are really on my mind and then they call..weird

11:29 am  
Blogger Istvanski said...

That T-Shirt pic reminds me of this.

2:29 pm  
Blogger sean said...

That's you third from the right with the stars in your eyes.

8:41 pm  
Blogger rockmother said...

Ister - talking of t-shirts. Apparently they were selling t-shirts of Heath Ledger in a heart with a caption underneath saying:

Why couldn't it have been Britney?

at Walkabout for Australia Day yesterday. Judging by the look of the heffermunters vomitting copiously outside when I went past on the bus - why couldn't it have been them?! Ha!

4:20 pm  

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