Monday, January 29, 2007

Lovely Peter Jones

I was listening to a radio programme the other day about the possible demise of Sloane Square as we know it. Some evil 'planners' are 'planning' to turn it into a pedestrianised, re-ordered traffic system of satan. Lots of local (read resident arty-farty media types) people have got together to protest against the intended changes and are trying to block the proposal for good. They have got a bit of a fight on their hands what with Kensington and Chelsea being one of the most corrupt boroughs in London.

The thing is, Sloane Square should really stay as it is. The central 'square' hasn't particularly changed for donkeys and the flowerseller with his little green gloss-painted cabin has been there as long as I can remember. I went to a hateful secondary school around the corner and he was the first thing I'd see as I shambled out of the tube each morning. And then there is Peter Jones of course. You can't go wrong with Peter Jones. It's a lovely shop with very nice people serving in it. You feel automatically a little invalided and cared for as soon as you enter the shop. It's a proper practical department store. I laughed when I heard a comment from Betjeman about Peter Jones as it sums it up perfectly: he said that if anything ever awful were to happen, like the dreaded three-minute warning or a hostile invasion of some sort - he would run to seek shelter in the warmth and comfort of Peter Jones haberdashery department as it's the sort of place where nothing horrible ever happens there. Brilliant.


Blogger JDA said...

I don't ever recall visiting the Peter Jones department store, but what you describe sounds like ruination under the banner of progress yet again.

I've been to Harrods....that any good?

8:40 am  
Blogger Billy said...

I love the story about Mr John Lewis running from Oxford Street to Sloane Square with £20k in his pocket to buy the shop from Mr Peter Jones in a "you're desperate and you'll take anything I offer" way.

Like Monopoly in the real world.

9:18 am  
Blogger dh said...

Is nothing sacred? I used to live on the King's Road end for a year or two....about 1969/70 I think. There should be a plaque.

10:09 am  
Blogger rockmother said...

Jif - Yes, you are right - it is. I blame Lord Archer and Shirley Porter - their the ones that sit on the council for K&C - bent as f*@k both of them!

Billy - nice thought - Monopoly coming to life.

Dickley - yes - one of those nice blue plaques - Dickley lived here. I loved the Kings Road as a kid - we were taken for Sunday treats to Le Bistingo to have spag bol - or The Great American Disaster on Fulham Road. Halcyon days. And Mclaren's SEX shop with the blow-up pink letters. Well cool!

7:26 pm  
Blogger Molly Bloom said...

John Lewis - didn't he used to play drums with Genesis?

Now I'm just being silly.

Love to youxx

7:46 pm  
Blogger dh said...

'World's End' as it is now. I believe Vivienne Westwood still owns it.

10:29 pm  
Blogger rockmother said...

Molly - oh you silly funny billy molly xx

Dickley - yes - tis true. Good old Vivienne.

11:04 pm  
Blogger Pod said...

you must make a stand!! get yer westwoods on, grab sir jif, and get down the council!!

9:06 am  
Blogger Simon Hilton said...


11:35 am  
Blogger Simon Hilton said...


11:35 am  
Blogger rockmother said...

Simon - I order you to shut up and concentrate on your holiday!!!

11:58 am  
Blogger realdoc said...

I went into Peter Jones when I was last in London to buy an umbrella. The interior decor is ace I don't think it's changed a bit since the 70s.

12:42 pm  
Blogger Istvanski said...

I was going to make a Grace Brothers type comment but Mr Hilton beat me to it.

Are those Sloane Ranger people still in existence there? Were you ever one of them?

8:58 pm  
Blogger rockmother said...

Realdoc - yes - it's great isn't it?

Istvanski - I'm most disgruntled that you even dare suppose that I might have been a Sloane Ranger. I HATE them and always have. Mortified at your supposition!

11:00 pm  
Blogger katty said...

how do you feel about being tagged?

4:55 pm  
Blogger Istvanski said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:07 pm  
Blogger Istvanski said...

Careful RoMo! Katty wants to tag you. That's graffiti speak for spraying a silly looking squiggle over you using a can of aerosol car paint.
Just say no.

7:07 pm  
Blogger rockmother said...

Ister - heed taken

Katty - hhmmmm - my last tagging felt a bit emotionally draining but send it across - I'll give it go. A wave and a kiss to the bumpettes x

11:18 pm  
Blogger mad muthas said...

i'd have thought peter jones (and jlp in general) was far too bourgeois a venue for a rockmother like you! still - even groovy chicks are entitled to 200-thread count linen pillowcases, eh?

11:58 pm  
Blogger JDA said...

Come on RoMo...begin with the 'Blogxplosion' already!!

From...a disgruntled reader.

12:20 am  
Blogger rockmother said...

Mad Muthas - I only go there once in a while for choice items!

Jif - boo hoo hoo - I'm so tired - I need 36 hours in a day so I can squeeeze it all in. It will happen but was going to tie in with my doc thing...not yet. But I am planning another podcast for next week - will that suffice for now. Done an 18 hr day today - night nighhhh h h tt.

12:31 am  
Blogger JDA said...

You at home today RoMo?

9:40 am  
Blogger rockmother said...

Jif - no - at work - why?

12:05 pm  
Blogger GreatSheElephant said...

will the planned changes affect Peter Jones? I read about it in the Standard a while back and couldn't quite work out why people were so upset. Sloane Square in my opinion is quite ugly and it's not the easiest thing to traverse either. Trouble is I can't remember what they are proposing so am unsure about whether I favour the changes or not. I love Peter Jones though (something that happened very suddenly when I hit 40).

5:12 pm  
Blogger JDA said...

Oh you know..just spacing out around my site meter....saw your visitation from your Mac and thought....ahh she's home today doing none!!...that's all

7:31 pm  
Blogger Istvanski said...

Oi - Jif! Leave poor RoMo alone, you stalker!

RoMo - If you're a bit busy to start Blogxplosion could you perhaps have a word with your dad so that we can start reading his instead?

11:55 pm  
Blogger rockmother said...

Great She - I'm not sure that it will affect Peter Jones - possibly the exterior but nothing else. Even so - I like Sloane Square as it is.

Ister - will chivvy up the old man. Blogxplosion will happen when I'm good and ready.

Night night all - another long day today.

12:20 am  
Blogger Annie said...

In one of my favourite books (Absolute Beginners) the teen hero talks about going up to have tea in the cafe in Peter Jones with all the old biddies, because it has one of the best views across London. Now it is a lot posher in the cafe, but it still has great views.

By the way, oddly enough I dreamed recently that lots of us were at your house, and you were making everyone a very elaborate breakfast, (which was very sociable of you.) Also that your house was opposite a big river (though maybe this was because we all met in the Dove.)

When you start dreaming about bloggers, it is time to turn off the computer...

11:26 am  
Blogger First Nations said...

see, i thought this was about Davy Jones, from the Monkees? but then i remembered his name was Davy and not Peter; Peter was Peter Tork, who was also in the Monkees but he was the 'loveable doofus' character where Davy was the 'loveable twink who is only about three foot tall guy'. Mickey Dolenz was the 'loveable nut' and Mike Nesmith was the 'loveable smart guy with a hat on that had a puffball on top guy'. And none of them played their own instruments or could sing or anything, but they had a tv show on saturday morning and I watched it.
so, yeah.

9:48 pm  
Blogger llewtrah said...

Billy and I did a nice walk starting from Sloane Square, went past this.

6:42 am  
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