Thursday, February 22, 2007

News From the Rotisserie of Mo

Yes - it's official - they are finally sending James Hewitt to IraqNam just as everyone else is being pulled out.

And we have a new name for the host city of the 2012 Olympics in our house. Ladies and Gentlemen.......

welcome to Gundon.

I had a really good idea (slightly 'in a perfect world mode') the other day involving three R's and I could only remember two of them. I have remembered now. But like Blair with his 'emergency gun summit' - it's all a bit late for that if you ask me. Anyway, thought there should be an alternative three R's promoted for both parents/teachers and children - Routine - Role Model - Respect. And that goes both ways. Put it this way - if I was a fifteen year old girl that had to fend for myself because my Dad was either part-time or absent, my Mum was on drugs and/or alcohol and therefore unable to look after me properly I think I might find the idea of getting my own flat and having something of my own (a baby) to look after quite appealing. I am haunted by seeing a 8 or 9 year old kid with his mum on a weekday schoolnight evening in Soho just before Christmas. As I walked down the road I could see the kid ahead of me just standing there facing out into the street. Then I saw his Mum kind of hanging about looking a bit furtive and shouting at the kid to stay still. Then I saw what was really going on - to my right was Dad/boyfriend in a doorway doing crack. The kid was lookout It really broke my heart. That's not being a kid. That's shit.


Blogger Istvanski said...

And to think that Chrith Eubank got arrethted by his lorry ath he protethted againtht Hewitt going to the gulf...

10:02 pm  
Blogger rockmother said...

Ith-ter - yeth - I thaw tzhat - and it had cwith ewbank down the thide of hiths land wover - tewwable thelf publithitht that he isth!

12:37 am  

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