Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What a blow!

Do you think she put a bag over his head? Looks like he has cracking office parties!

"Eee that were smashing love - I'll give yer 10 out of ten"

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


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If there is anyone out there and you haven't abandoned the boredom of my blog yet - SORRY - I haven't given up just been trying to get my life in order which is a little complicated at moment. In a nutshell - go away to get mutual 'space' re: relationship. It seems 12 hours away on a plane wasn't far enough. Came back to no job and possibly no relationship. Hmm. Here's a picture I took of a man in a cafe in Spain when he wasn't looking to cheer you all up.

He was also wearing a medallion and grey slip on shoes - I kid you not! Hilarious.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Should be packing for me and small boy but distracting myself with other tasks such as blethering on on my lately neglected blog. Am off to Thailand to see friends with nanny, pool, and driver for two weeks. Perfect. Just me and small boy - I won't go into great detail for fear of my blog becoming one of those 'my family life is going down the pan' sensationalist 'let me tell you all my personal details' type things. Need a bit of space right now. I'll leave it at that.

Last time I went on a plane with then 2.5 year old we went en famille (the three of us) to Australia. Not too bad although I must admit to administering Medised at least once each way (every parents godsend at some time or another). This time he is 4.5 and soooooo excited which is quite good as I intend to run him around the park for about three hours in the afternoon so he will crawl onto the flight and hopefully beg to be allowed to go to sleep for the duration. Last time it was ok but he ended up stretching out across us both like a little miniature windmill - I fear some poor nameless passenger in the next seat this trip will get insistent toes and sharp elbows jabbing them in the thigh every 20 minutes. Anyway......

Lots of things have irritated me this week:

1. Discovering that they are now manufacturing Marmite in a squeezy bottle - wrong. In fact, any food or condiment in a squeezy bottle I find utterly odious! Give me Room 101 and it will all be splurged in there in one big final squeeze - even the new glutinously squeezy Branston Pickle in a bloody handy squeezy bottle. Bleurgh.

2. Myself by reading 2 extremely depressing (but good) books back to back - Stuart: A Life Backwards which made me really sad and frustrated and Towelhead which was bittersweet but again pretty depressing. I've now started The Kite Runner but fear that is going the same way so I might have to stop and find something else a bit 'funnier'.

3. People driving and walking too slowly

4. Traffic wardens

5. The theme tune to Fifi and The Flowertots. Guaranteed insomnia.

6. My neighbours for playing the piano badly really late at night and not letting their dog in from the garden where it headbutts the backdoor incessantly - finally they let it in usually after I go out and shout 'Someone let the bloody dog in' or they suddenly just remember!

7. Really annoying teenagers on train listening to shit music on their mobile phone full blast so it is too distorted to hear what it actually is and then speaking to each other like Ice T even though they are white

8. Myself for forgetting that I'm not 17 anymore and wasting my own time by trying on silly and unsuitable garments in Top Shop

9. Myself - for leaving everything to the last minute

Better go before I definately turn into a boring old buffer. Like I'm bovvered! Next update from Thailand. Toodlepip.