Friday, November 14, 2008

Mitch Mitchell - the drummer's drummer

I do hope Mitch Mitchell is having a lovely time wherever he may be. Poor old thing died this week - of natural causes which is quite an achievement in this day and age. Here is one of my favourite Hendrix performances showing Mitch in fine form - he was the master of time change. What a bloody great drummer he was.

Night night Mitch. See you around.

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Podcast Alert! Romo For Real Number 20 is here

By jove! She's done it. She's really really done it!

Yes - I've got a brand new podcast number 20 ready and waiting on my new podcast site:
Pin Back Your Ears

I will also post it up later today on the archive site too.

Happy listening my little choux buns.


Friday, November 07, 2008

A Very Modern President

See the entire set of Chez Obama's Election Night on Flickr - great photo's. It may be a bit slow and actually crashed while I was looking due to phenomenal traffic I am sure but they are a fantastic set of photo's if you can stand the wait. I am still slightly reeling and over-emotional about what Barack Obama has achieved this week and how it has touched the world. The night before I found myself (uncommonly for me as a total non-believer) praying to god, allah, vashti, buddha, fire, water, any force anywhere that could hear me please please please could Obama do it. I have never forgotten seeing Martin Luther King's incredibly and unknowingly prophetic speech on a tv documentary as a 12 year old and experiencing real emotion from a speech for the very first time - and every time thereafter when I heard it. It really does reduce me to watery rubble every time. The day before I re-visited that speech on youtube - it really is very special and particularly inspiring and prescient considering the events of this week. In stark contrast, I was struck how dishevelled and Ceaucescu-like Bush looked (in a cheap crumpled-suit morally broken sort of way) when he gave his not particularly interesting congrat speech. I was also struck how shockingly inept Palin was when in a radio interview only yesterday she had the stupidity to announce that she thought they (big fat white bible-eating middle Americans) lost because she had been portrayed so badly by the media. Madam? Did we have a choice? Is Africa a continent or country? Get to the back of the class. (As you clearly have none).

I wish we had a Barack I really do.


Monday, November 03, 2008

Lose Yourself

I woke up this morning with the words 'big fat arm' in my head. Goodness knows why but I did. Anyway, I digress. I am so BORED of the BBC and The Daily Mail and reporting about the credit crunch. I couldn't give a stuff about whether Jonathan Ross should be reinstated or not. I don't care whether Jeremy Clarkson has hurt his pinky driving a truck into a brick wall or Terri Seymour has packed Simon Cowell. I care about real things like the little boy I saw running to school the other morning followed by his mother shambling after him with a can of Diamond White in her hand. The only good thing about it was at least he was going to school on time. How devoid of any dignity whatsoever must you be to drink at that time in the morning - on the school run? I wanted to grab the boy's hand and run with him - and keep running - far far away to a magic lovely land.

Anyway - what I really meant to post up was a little bit about the fantastic BFI Film Archive which you can now browse quite substantially on it's own youtube channel. Here is an excerpt from John Schlesinger's brilliant film Terminus - shot over one very busy day at London Waterloo Station in 1961.

my other favourites are 'Tea Making Tips':

'One Potato Two Potato':

and 'Unwanted Guests' (not for the squeamish).

Ta ra for now.