Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year Everyone

I am going to a 70's disco - can you guess? How awfully New Year and provincial of me. I will be wearing this outfit but possibly with different shoes.

More photo's (after the heavy edit session in the morning no doubt) in the New Year. Thank you all for being such great real life and cyber real life friends - I am indebtted to each and every one of you.

Mother of all Things Rock xx


Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Chez Romo Towers

Well it doesn't get much better than this: am currently wearing my new t-shirt

It says ROCK ON DOWN in blue glittery lettering. The Squidget is roller skating up and down the house in these

vintage late 70's Roller Riders - they are 4 sizes too big for him but...what the heck! Meanwhile - I am slurping fine red wine and roastng an organic chicken and listening to Barry from Tolworth request Turn It on Again by Phil Collins/Genesis on South West London's finest radio station Radio Jackie!

DJ Bernie Simmons is up next!

Any requests? I might ring in and ask for Cher's "If I Can Turn Back Time".

Happy Christmas everybody.

Romoster of Ro xx


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Christmas from Mother of Rock and Squidget

Here is a little Christmas card to you all. Have a lovely time won't you? I have to say I am mortally bored of it already. No doubt there will be much posting and a possible podcast over Christmas as a result. Press HERE for festive revelry courtesy of I and Squidget Son of The Mother Of All Things Rock. Press HERE for my podcast Listen With Rockmother archive - remember to vote pop-pickers - I am still hovering in the Top 50 chart!.

Tara for now x

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Home Made

I made this as a surprise present for my Dad's 70th birthday in September. He was planning on moving from the dirty built up East End of London to rural Normandy soon after. The picture shows me, my brothers and my son all whirling and diving like little leaves from the city into the yellow autumn trees for him. It isn't a very good photo as my good camera broke just as I tried to get a record of the piece. It is a sort of picture within a picture. I started putting it together on the floor and then realised I had to move it onto backing paper in order to finally get it into a frame. I had to take it all to bits to do that. In order for me to remember where I had placed everything I needed to take a photo for reference. This photo then became the base of the piece from which everything else kaleidoscopically grew. There are little junctures of time in there like my son's first dive and my brother posing with his bike after winning his first bike race. The towerblock is actually one I took a picture of in Argentina, the trees are from Richmond on a cold February day and the rest is from history. I used sharp sewing scissors and extra strong Pritt. That's it. I did another one for a good friend last month. I might post that up soon. The yellow trees feature in that one too.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pray For Me - No Really!

Oh no. I'm all sweaty and panicky as I have done something really bad. You really all do need to pray for me and hope that someone else buys the camera that 'he who snores like a bison' is currently selling and has 2 hours to go on that famous auction site starting with an e and ending in b a y. I helped him post it up last week and yesterday he had a had a bidder. I checked it last night and bid a pound knowing full well someone else would have set a higher bid on it. Phew. They had. I checked again just now and bid another pound thinking that I would have been outbid. But NO. I AM THE HIGHEST BIDDER. NOOOOOOO. I only did it to help him get a better price and now it has potentially all back-fired. What is worse is that he doesn't know I have done this.

Ouch, my feet are burning. Hang on - I might just check in case someone has trounced me (please, please) while I am writing this.

Tap. Tap tap-tappity-tap.....

No. Of course - they haven't. It's lunch time and it runs out in two hours and everyone will be Christmas shopping and I will be the winner! Aaaaagghhhh.

Behold, lo the baby angels are praying for me and you all must too. I was only trying to help him get a good price and it will be so awful if it all backfires! That will teach me. Right - I can't take the pressure - I'm off out and when I come back I won't be the winner. Watch this space. (And think positive thoughts in the meantime please.

UPDATE: So I suppose you all want to know what happened don't you? I'll give you a hint.



Sunday, December 09, 2007

Slightly Old Hat

Do you think they had a competition to name the bear (and lied about it afterwards...)?
My teddy was just called...........Teddy. My panda was called..........Panda. And I had a koala bear called..........Humphrey. Broke the mould there! And a goldfish called............George (who split because we fed him too much). Poor George.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

What's On the Menu?




*but we might have to give them back

Watch the best music show ever here


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Shameless Self-Promotion

And why not I ask myself?
I have recently finished producing most of From the Basement - a new music series which is starting on Sky Arts at 21:00 GMT tonight and after that will be going on a little world channel tour - Rave HD in the US and Japan amongst others. If you like beautifully shot band-led music shows, no audience, no presenter, no interviews, no rehearsal with top production team and all mixed live by famous record producer Nigel Godrich then this is for you. It's better than Abbey Road, the Live Lounge or even dare I say it Later....

You can check all the shows and view previews of each show/artist on our website here.
And if you like it enough - you can even subscribe!

New series coming out next year.

Any comments and feedback gratefully received. And if anyone loves it that much I may start running a competition on here to win a visit to the set on the next series in the New Year!

Here is a sneak preview of Beck - one of my favourite shows.

Sayonara pop-pickers!