Monday, January 23, 2006

Absolutely Fabulous

I was going to head this post Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now but then I realised despite it being officially THE most depressing day of the year it wasn't really all that bad today. Tomorrow however is quite exciting in what could turn out to be genuinely depressing if I let it - turning 40. But....I actually feel quite excited about it. I've crammed alot in so far and I intend to cram in a whole lot more. And anyway - I haven't changed a bit!

Perhaps the eyeliner isn't quite so extreme (this picture is tame believe me) and I no longer sport a fetching Eighties fringe but hey, I'm still me! My dad summed it up today and when he asked me if I really was going to be 40 tomorrow to which of course I replied 'yes' he exclaimed "Shit, that makes me 68! Is that really how old you are going to be?" It made me laugh.

I've started my fourth decade by deciding to go back to freelancing beg March. This means I can have time back for my own creative projects that have really suffered this year which in turn has made me really unhappy. I reckon that's a good start. I had a row with a ticket inspector at Richmond Station the other night as he wanted to fine me - for trying to buy a ticket. I was quite proud of myself as I realised I still had it in me to defy authority - and I won the argument with a measured dose of sarcasm and healthy disrespect. If the Kids Are United............

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Well, apologies for appalling blogsilence but my logic board died on my computer whilst working in Argentina recently - in the middle of a presentation of some photo's at a very important meeting. I stayed calm.... I got a new logic board fitted within 48 hours but since then my hard drive is struggling. Buying a lovely new one's about time. In the meantime I'm considering filing a suit against Apple (hhmm...I'm really going to win that one). I really do think I have a good case.
Count one: was originally sold a brand new ibook with known (to them not me) faulty logic board. So I was sold knowingly faulty goods for starters - I think that's against the law...
Count two: faulty logic board replaced after 9 months and waited a month for new part - wholly unacceptable - only to find out recently that
Count Three: that the second logic board that replaced the first one was also part of a faulty batch hence am now on logic board three within a year. I think I have a good case to make them give me a new computer for nothing don't you?

Anyway......not much to report - had three days at home with family at Christmas and then went to Argentina to work.

Here's a good sunset over Buenos Aires
Here's a cool location we shot at
Here's an old Ford Falcon - there are alot of these in Buenos Aires
I really loved Buenos Aires - the place, the people - possibly too much beef for me but the beef I had was the best ever. The poverty made me sad - I hate seeing people and especially kids in filthy, dire and desperate states and I saw quite alot of that. I was also really lucky to go to Patagonia briefly - quite possibly the most exquisite and beautiful place I have ever been fortunate enough to visit. I'm going to dig out my old, battered copy of Bruce Chatwin's great book In Patagonia and re-visit. Soundtrack to my trip: an eclectic mix of Hard-Fi, assorted mainly old school Hip-Hop, The Clash, Stevie Winwood, Motorhead, Sly and The Family Stone, Roland Kirk, Snoop Dogg, Pixies, Janes Addiction and some classic 80's. Yes - I think the mid-life crisis has finally hit - the big 40 next week! More soon..........

Sunday, January 01, 2006

going home

going home
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This was the Alps on the way home from Egypt. Egypt - god-forsaken hell-hole of a place. I sort of quite liked it but have come away wishing never to go back. Unfortunately it looks like I have to return in a few weeks time. I would rather eat my own earwax but alas I fear I may not even get that particular luxury! SO I return to Egypt on or around 20 Jan for 3 weeks - hideous!!

I'm about to sack the person who was fixing for me out there. I am trying to organise a 6 day commercial in egypt. It is almost impossible - I really do feel like we are definately bringing Mohammed to the mountain. Ill keep you posted.