Sunday, March 12, 2006

Desperate Times

Was surfing Gumtree this morning for someone to help pick up my son from school part-time and came across this ad:


Thanks a lot for clicking on my advert. I am in lots of problems and I need help of someone who is kind and who probably understands how difficult life is when you are going through bad time.
I am going through the worst time of my life and gumtree is the last resort for me. My problems are financial and although I need lots of money to sort some very important things out in my life, I would really appreciate any kind of help at all.
In return I will do anything for you in the evenings and/or weekends and will return your money with interest as soon as my circumstances get better. I am a well educated professional guy and due to some personal circumstances I am in this situation. I am 29 and will consider everything as I am really desperate.
Please be kind, its very important for me. I have a full time Monday – Friday job so I could be your assistant/help you in computing/accounting, cleaning, cooking, shopping or could even be your servant in the evenings and weekends. My circumstances are only temporary so I will repay every penny as soon as possible and in future if you will ever need my help, i will be there for you.
Help me come out of this mess. I will be indebted to you forever and someone somewhere will help you as well when you need it most.

Serious replies only please. I need help not grief so please don’t be judgemental.

Thanks a lot

I was wondering if anyone had replied and then toyed with the idea of tracking the poster down with a view to making a documenatry about him/her but then realised that I have enough problems of my own without adding any more. The ad is unbelievably desperate and extraordinary considering they have a full-time job Mon-Fri! Weird weird weird.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Livin' It Large

Just got in from big night out at awards do and was heartened to hear what I thought was another cab outside off-loading someone in a similar state to myself ( tipsy - not steaming). Then I realised

(a) the birds are singing
(b) it wasn't someone in a cab it was the milkman and
(c) i've got to be up in 3 hours

Does that make me bad person? Goodness I hope not.

Night night.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lost the plot

Aaahh. Home after a long time not being at home! Life is weird at the moment. I've been at home approx 14 days since beg Dec 2005. I know. That's pretty bad. And what have I got to show for it? Muchos tiredness, struggling to keep a relationship together, and terrible separation from my son. It has played havoc with the relationship I have with my son's father. It seems like we have have spent so long apart that we might as well stay apart - forever. It's hard - and all for what? A load of old codswallop advertising....I'm going to try and stay positive about this but I feel really spent. I've never felt so exhausted and useless in my life. The times they are a changing................