Thursday, April 28, 2005


harry glasses
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Still feeling stupid and creatively stultified. Normal service will resume shortly.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

sir eduardo luigi paolozzi 1924-2005

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Well, I suppose he had 'a good innings' but I was sad to learn of Paolozzi's death. I love his use of colour and like the geometry of his work very much. He was quite a rotund, pudgy faced man and had rather a good line in suits.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

does anyone else have this problem?

full moon
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It's a full moon and yet again I can't sleep. Is this a common problem? I was apparently born on a full moon and strangely enough so was my son. Has that got something to do with it? Does anyone else feel wide awake at full moon time? I would be interested to know. I had a weird neighbour that used to do gardening only on a full moon - and at night! It was quite an odd site to see an old woman beavering away in her garden by moonlight. I remember peeking out from behind my bedroom blinds as a child and thinking she was a bit odd. Mind you, I can't have been more than six or seven and I was obviously wide awake too and unable to sleep even then.

Friday, April 22, 2005

the only one

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This is the only tulip to survive out of forty planted. The squirrels ate the rest. No wonder they are looking so fat this year. Haven't blogged for a while because my head has been dealing with the fall-out of Abbie dying, other writing and ideas. Been a bit pre-occupied and not very organised which is a feeling I don't like very much. Can't concentrate very well either - most frustrating. Will return to form soon.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

if anyone actually reads my blog - i book help please!

my first love
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No, this isn't my i book but it might as well be at the moment. I have a G3 i book which is making me want to bash it with a breeze block - can any of you help?


Print Center won't load although I can see the icon in my dock. It jumps up and down but won't load. When I open it in Applications it is blank. This means I can not control the printer which at the moment is paused so I have to waste alot of time and paper adding to and re-starting the queue which is the only way I can get anything to print. I re-installed the printer (I knew this wouldn't solve it - but I had to try).

I also can not load/edit printer list either.

Any ideas/potential solutions would be most appreciated.

my first love

powerbook detail
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Here is a menu detail from my lovely 11 year old powerbook that I found in my loft yesterday. It powered up with no problem apart from the fact that it has a piece of sellotape holding the battery in place. It only has 12 fonts and 8MB of memory. It cost a fortune in 1994. My how times have changed. I love it. I miss my old Mac Classic which was stolen when my office was burgled - the loss adjuster replaced it with this.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

better school dinners please!

better school dinners please!
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Saw these kids and felt really sorry for them.

Friday, April 01, 2005

For Abbie

I grew this!
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Well, the end finally came yesterday around 18.40 our time and around 13.40 where Abbie lives. The end and hopefully a new beginning. A few days ago Abbie asked me if she was going to the 'promised land' or 'hell' (she was never religious so I was quite surprised by the tone of her question)? Well I said, if hell is the place you would least like to be or in fact deserve and the promised land is the best place you've ever loved and could not ever get bored of then yes, you are going there. And then she said, can you help me? I'm stuck and need directions. So surreal, so poignant and so clear. We always joked that we would meet up on her favourite Greek island and loll about snacking on fine food and wine without a care in the world. A place where there is no time and all the time in the world. I hope she's there already and I know I'll be there one day. We all will - laughing and joking and having fun. Until then, there will be a little hole in the world that neither earth, nor rain or air can fill. Just an empty little pocket that Abbie once filled. If you bend down and put your ear to it you can hear a little shrill laugh. That'll be Abbie having a ball.