Monday, August 27, 2007

And Over To......

'Our first caller on line one: Disgruntled and annoyed of London - what would you like to get off your chest today'?

Me: This actually for being bloody poor AND because I meant to apply for it and forgot because I was working 18 thankless hrs a day on this for the bulk of April to July 07. It makes me want to...

Not that I think I am much better but I really am disappointed at the standard of the BBC Radio Talent Competition and even more cross with myself that I didn't stay up that extra 19th hour to send off a bit of Listen With Rockmother when I had the chance. Oh well - I guess there is always next year. I see the oldest winner was Stacey - all of 31! Do you think they take 41 year olds? I have heard that mad bag lady Sarah Kennedy has gone a bit slurry and is 'having a rest'. Perhaps I ought to send in an mp3 seeing as there have been 156 complaints about her bubbly replacement Davina McCall. I think I would rather listen to Sarah Kennedy slurring gibberish any day than bouncy Davina. Anyway - I am compiling a new poocast to be ejected forth this week I hope. In the meantime - all go HERE for a catch up.

Happy listening pop-pickers.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Aaaaaaaaahhhhh! Lovely straw cowboy hat holiday picture.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Behold Children Do Not Be Afraid

Do not turn your backs and howl. Do not run away and put your head in a bucket of sand. Do not despair when Blogger turns your life into a big mush! Ladies and Gentlemen - feteaccompli has been re-born - the new version has risen and life in my father's house has returned to normal. A hyphen was duly added and now all is well. You can find it here:

Back from my hols but not feeling inclined to blog about it just now as am still reeling in shock at how disgustingly ugly and filthy London is - and especially how rude everyone is at Heathrow. Was most disappointed that I didn't catch a glimpse of the protestors - I might go down tomorrow before they all pack up. Toodlepip for now (that's if anyone actually reads this anymore)..will be back on my blogging horse later this week or tomorrow - once I sift throught the myriad of photo's I could possibly post up without boring or shocking anyone to tears.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cardinal Rule Broken

Yes - I am blogging from holiday - I have broken my cardinal rule but to quote Sting - I am 'sending out an SOS'. Before my beloved readmylipsaresealed gives up due to a technical hitch - if any of you have any time could you please click here and see if you can help her with a rather infuriating blogger issue? Otherwise she will be permanently condemned to a life of permanent painful martyrdom (see above) which simply won't do.

As for the holiday - the piri piri is hot, the sun is scorching, the waves are big, the streets in the shade are cool, the driving is fast, and the pool is bliss.


Sunday, August 05, 2007

It's A Family Affair

For goodness sake - shall I just introduce you all to my family? Not only has my father decided to jump on the blogpony but his darling partner Lorrie has too - you can catch her blog here - it is very incisive and witty and has a great title. Oh and you can find my brothers on munterspace here and here. Be nice. See you all in two weeks although I might post in the interim as I have to take the computer on holiday to monitor joint account expenditure (please don't ask). Besos pop-pickers. xx


Voici Mon Papa!

Stop Press! Romodad has finally got his act together and got his own blog! (although he can't (has forgotten how to I think) login at the moment so won't be able to reply to comments straightaway. I am no doubt going to be giving an emergency overthephone tutorial later...!) It's called feteaccompli and you can view it here. And then you can watch an excerpt from the best 'holiday' film ever - Mr Hulot's Holiday by legendary and undisputed genius Jacques Tati. I have visited the village and the hotel where it was shot and it hasn't changed a bit. The village is throwing a 100th birthday for Tati this year which is great. This time tomorrow I will be Chez Gatwick Terminal Du Nord ou Sud - can't remember and grumpily joining the straining sweaty throngs of the departures queue nightmare. Will try and take as many photo's as possible without getting taken for a scowling ginger child wielding terrorist.


Saturday, August 04, 2007

By Request

Simon asked me to put some of my Live Earth pictures up because he likes them. Live Earth is soooo over but here you go anyway. Yes I know I said it would be a bit blogdry around here but I had a spare 20 mins.

Man with bandana on arm

Sad-eyed lady of the lowlands

one two one two - they stole the show in their snappy green sharkskin suits and trademark yapping
big up to the lady riggers!

Kiedis all paper rock-ponchoed up - I was impressed - and he had knee length Mr T style white baseball socks on too...

Metallica - ouija guitar - gimmickrock if you ask me

Simon abusing permanent marker - his personal favourite after Toilet Duck

Oh yesssss! Went over all the 20 year olds heads - we however (the 30/40 brigade) were loving it
Burn baby burn..

Cow - a film about cows bums and pooh and methane and climate change and sphincters

What are you doing down there?

Flesh of Flea - most phwoar!


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Squish Squash

Yes - it's a windmill and I currently feel like I'm going through it - the mill that is. So just a word of warning that it is going to be even more blogdry than it has been of late round here I am afraid. I'll be checking in here and there and won't be far away so please don't give up on me (as David Soul would say). I've got loads of tricky real life stuff to try and face/sort out and am also meant to be going on holiday next week. If I take the computer with me I will no doubt post up a few pictures of the beach to make everyone stuck in London jealous! See you on the other side and thank you to each and every one of you that have commented, e mailed and texted me with your heartwarming thoughts and support. It really does mean so much. Thank you. x